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Learn about 4 DIY Gun Storage Ideas

The perfect place that you may hide your gun is in the safe. The problem with safety is that it is slow to open and also happens to be costly. Here are some several tips and ideas that are much helpful in the storage of the gun. One can, therefore, consider keeping the weapon in his or her bookcase. In keeping the weapon in the furniture, these are some of the things you need to have them with you, and that is a wooden box, some old books with spines that are fancy and also glue.

With all those requirements with you, the table has to be tall like the spines of the book then the other important thing is making sure that the guns can fit inside the wooden box. With all that, then remove the needles from your books as you get to glue them to the side of the box that you chose and it should, therefore, face outwards. Then after the glue has dried, you need to place the guns inside the box as you put the box on the shelf that is at the top of the bookcase. Having done all that, you can get to change the table by placing some other books to be around it.

In the nightstand, one can consider making a false bottom drawer. In making this successful, you can remove the drawer from your nightstand and after that take some measurement that will have to ensure that the gun will have to fit in the drawer with that false bottom being on top. As you get to proceed with it, cut four small wooden pieces that can get to fit into the corners of the drawers then glue them in. It is of great need for one to leave some space at one given edge so that it can be much easier to lift it out when you are in need of the gun.

One can, therefore, consider creating a hidden gun cabinet in the wall. Look for a place on the wall that there should be no wiring, insulation nor plumbing behind it, and you can consider creating a hidden gun cabinet there. In that place, find it is fit for hanging a painting or a mirror so that it can get to cover the space that you have created for the hidden cabinet. This service normally installing readymade storage units can also be another idea of saving a firearm. As you get to install the storage units, you will need to know the DIY skills to manage well the weapon.

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